51th Annual SBZ Meeting

51ª Reunião da SBZ: frente a novos desafios

Dear participant,

The Brazilian Society of Animal Science has held its annual events for half a century now, in different regions of the country, with a view to presenting the knowledge developed in universities and research centers to entire scientific community, as well as to gather all those somehow related to animal production.

Having the responsibility of organizing the 51st Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science was a challenging and exciting task, as we overcame personal and financial barriers with the objective to improve knowledge and plan new achievements for the years to come.

The choice of the central topic: "The Animal Production in View of the Climatic and Technological Changes" was aimed at understanding the global environmental changes and their effects on the agribusiness chain, as well as to know the new technologies that benefit animal production directly or indirectly. We sought to prompt all participants to think differently and understand their role within the climatic changes that are occurring and that shall take place in the next decades.

The published papers are organized according to the different knowledge areas. They were originally submitted amounting to 1,200 studies with over 4,000 authors and 600 scientific evaluators.

Our website received more than 24 thousand visits from over 43 countries, which allowed for the participation of eight countries and the representation of all Brazilian states. Of the total participants, 50% are of the female sex.

Sergipe State, with its touristic and gastronomic particularities and different climatic regions, is the perfect location to host the Meeting and have its participants feeling like returning.

In all, we want to thank the Brazilian Society of Animal Science, the colleagues who were willing to coordinate the evaluations of submitted papers and the respective evaluators, without whom it would not be possible to carry out this great event. To the authors who submitted their studies, accepted or not, we express our most sincere thank you, because those are the essence of any scientific event. To all participants who will attend the Meeting, we wish you a pleasant stay in the Metropolitan Region of Aracaju.