50ª Reunião da SBZ

50ª Reunião da SBZ

Welcome letter

Dear Delegate,

We are honored to host you to celebrate the 50th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort in Campinas, SP. This meeting was first designed by the organizing committee to put together local and international scientific groups to share novel research ideas. Our thoughts were driven towards the integration of knowledge, research partnership, interdisciplinary approach, education and technology transfer in animal science.

The recent scientific progress associated with the tropical zones turned out to be a key tool to improve the animal industry to supply the global market. The increased number of ongoing research projects related with animal science reveals amazing opportunities to integrate the South American scientific communities and the delegates from traditional centers of knowledge, offering mutual benefits.

News from the 50th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science was world wide spread and up to date we had almost 20,000 hits on the website from 65 countries. We had been fortunate enough to receive many high quality contributions from around the world. The program will feature in eight special sessions with 67 outstanding keynote speakers, moreover, three satellite meetings with specific scientific goals were set to aggregate audience conveniently. One full day was dedicated to poster presentations to highlight the importance of personal interaction on the transference of scientific information and networking. Specific scientific committees were prepared to consolidate research groups and cluster projects.