48th Annual SBZ Meeting: facing new challenges

48ª Reunião da SBZ: frente a novos desafios
The event will be held in Belém, capital of the State of Pará

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Animal Science Society is already scheduled: from July 18 to 21, 2011. It will take place in Belém, capital of the State of Pará, at the Hangar Convention and Fair Center of the Amazon, and its main axis will be "animal production development and responsibility in facing new challenges".

The chair of the event, Mr. Almir Vieira Silva, believes the participant will meet researchers in tune with broad scale research actions, originated from different investigation basis: "We will find a favorable environment to the practice of integrated scientific action, where knowledge and opportunity will be available for those who wish to build scientific relationship networks in the many fields of Animal Science."