The Brazilian Society of Animal Science is a nonprofit scientific association founded on July 26, 1951 and is identified by the acronym SBZ. The Society was born from the maturation of an idea brought up during the Animal Fair of Uberaba (MG, Brazil), when several liberal professionals who conducted studies in the area of Animal Science entrusted their colleagues from Piracicaba (SP, Brazil) to have the first Brazilian Meeting of Animal Science. The period chosen was from 26 to 28 of July, 1951.

In an extremely liberal action, SBZ decided to accept as associates all the professionals who, holding a higher education degree, had been working for more than two years in any branch of Animal Science. Today, SBZ congregates liberal professionals of superior education, professors, researchers, extension techniques and students who are involved with Animal Science

Today, SBZ has more than 4,000 associates and is one of the biggest Scientific Societies of Animal Science worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Brasilia (DF, Brazil). Since 1973, the Society has published the Brazilian Journal of Animal Science.